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Book review: Why Women are Accepting Islam

Alright this book has many many many issues.

1. Firstly, the title. I bought this book from dakwah corner bookstore online website so I didn't have the opportunity to flip through the book, so I could only anticipate the title to be reflective of its contents. Sadly, this book is one of those books which the contents aren't exactly what the title says. I had expected to finish the book knowing why women accepted Islam, like reason 1, and 2, and 3. But unfortunately I don't have the answers.
2. BUT you see, this book is a compilation of stories of the women who reverted to Islam. Hence, it is a compilation of stories written by different authors. So where the stories are good, I cried my eyes out. I felt like I have taken this nikmat of Iman and Islam for granted it made me feel so grateful that I'm a born Muslim, something I didn't think of before. I never did have to hide to pray. I never did have to lose my family because of Islam. All the stories here made me a…

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