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A little bit of everything

It has been a while!
Have I been busy? Yes and No. Have I been well? Yes and No. Answers like that show just how long it has been since I've poured out my thoughts, feelings or just random and pointless ranting in this space. 
Today is another day of pointless ranting. I'm actually staying up to do my criminal law assignment but after so much reading I'm still struggling to put my thoughts into words and started to merepek on social media so...sampailah ke sini. Haha.
I used to sleep early and wake up early to do my work. But this year, I notice a mega change in my sleep habit, that is I don't wake up easily anymore due to my restless sleep and I have to sleep while coping with the pain. So now I changed my strategy and do the work and then I'll sleep instead. It was hard at first but I'm managing better now. Alhamdulillah.
I'm going to talk about a little bit of everything here. Just bear with me. It's a long blog post. I might drop a tear or smile th…

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