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Be strong

Even if you are alone and all on your own, be strong anyway..

Even if your future seems to be uncertain and all you can feel is pain, pain and pain, be strong anyway.

Even if you no longer remember the last time you fell into the merciful oblivion of sleep, and had a beautiful (or even a normal) dream, be strong anyway.

Be strong anyway and be there for yourself. One day without you having to ask for help, your tears and your cries will be enough for someone to come and be there by your side, giving you strength, motivate you, feed you at a time you're too weak to get up...

One day if not in this dunya surely in the akhirah you will have that day, the day when you don't suffer alone in silence in the four walls of this room, the day when it's not just you who continuously and restlessly try to inspire yourself, but also, someone else, who will act like they really care, the way the others have failed to become.

One day you will be loved the way that you love. One day you w…

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