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Adapting to post-mooting life.The trainings were so horrible and stressful to me that now I feel lifeless without something torturing me. Heh.IIUM did really well in pre-vis alhamdulillah. the senior team came FOURTH IN INTERNATIONAL ROUNDS of pre moot, beating all the other American Australian semua tu punya teams whereas the junior team won the written argument for claimant.I did say over and over again I will never join mooting again. But after I had my first hearing :D I realise this is something I could really do and actually get better at. Like wuuu arbitration is really fun I actually feel like forgetting all about litigation. So I'm thinking whether I should join lawasia next but I also really want to focus on dakwah pulak now. Perkim, ikram, usrah with Ustazah fatimah syarha and so on. And definitely get back to studies. I can feel myself screwing up this semester. Really. I lose focus in class because I'm just so tired from training and even post mooting I'm stil…

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