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Interview at UIAM for LLB - from asasi law kptm!

AssalamualaikumSo, of course I have ended my first year law degree at UIAM/IIUM pun. But lately mungkin sebab musim interview, ramai kawan-kawan tanya if I could answer their junior or kawan punya questions on how I managed to secure my place at Ahmad Ibrahim Kuliyyah of Laws (AIKOL), being a graduate of Foundation in Law from UiTM Dengkil at the time.Of course it's my pleasure to assist korang. And I remember dulu puas Google pasal interview nak masuk LLB kat UIA, takda especially sebagai ex asasi undang-undang KPTM student from UiTM.Firstly of course sebab UIA dah ada foundation students dia sendiri. Jadi, masa interview memang tak ramai mana dipanggil. Masa my batch hanya 40 orang direct intake students dipanggil until interview. I'm not sure from this number berapa ramai yang dia ambik.Berbeza dengan law school lain macam UM, UiTM and UKM. UM panggil around 400 for interview (I was one of them too), out of 400 only 150 are selected. I put UIAM as first choice in my UPU app…

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