A letter to you, my friend. Of what you should've known.

They call me that,
And I do feel sad.

I couldn't deny,
For it is not a lie.

But as long as I know who I am,
And who I used to be,
It will all be fine,
Because it is something that I should know.
And only me, the one that knows.

They say that I'm weird,
But what's so awkward, if I act upon what I believe?

It's me, my personality. My identity. Who I am. And who I used to be. And it is something that you should know.

You say that what I wear doesn't represent my 'dignity'.

And you say that the barriers that I put between me and my non-mahrams aren't practical.

And you say that I have been wasting my time, over something that aren't necessary.

And you say that what I believe takes over my life.

That I do not own any right, nor I have any freedom.

But my friend, you have got to know that you, are you. And this, is me.

It's what you should've known,
That you call it torture,
I call it pleasure.
That you call it being forced,
And I call it a choice.
You call it fanatic,
Little do you know,
That you are fanatic to the world of secularism.

And it's something that you should know.

Honey, what you should know,
Is that I'm a Muslim.
A choice that is certainly out of my own free will.
And that will never change.

Mencari Dan Terus Mencari Damai Yang Hilang

Jumpa Lagi, Inshaallah

Iffah Ahmad-Jailani

Haughton Academy, 12 Mac 2012


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