Which part of your heart is broken?

You can keep running away
Exhausting yourself out

But it's always that.
The possibility of healing

Where you left the wound
Where  you moved on
You tried to forget

But you only found emptiness
Because you left a piece of you
Right there
Together with so much of your courage

The courage you used to have, facing everything

Now you really are on your own
You pushed away everyone, everyone who wants to get to know you
People betray you, and keep betraying

Your own race, you see their true colours now?
You realise, all those years abroad, you tried to defend your identity, what was that identity?
As you know now, it wasn't your country, it wasn't your race, it wasn't your fellow muslim comrades either.

So who did you have with you?

If you really do know what you are fighting for, you could easily answer "Allah."
But you can't.

You know why?
Because you are not doing it for Him.
Which part of your heart is more broken than the broken promises to devote your life for His deen?
Which part?

Which part?

Keep exhausting yourself out. That lack of sleep, that cold part of you, keep them. See how far you can get living like that.

Angkuh. Sombong. Padahal kau jalan di bumi Tuhan.

Which part of your heart is more broken than the broken promises to Your Lord?

Which part?

Mencari dan terus mencari damai yang hilang

Iffah Nabiha

UiTM Dengkil

5.06 am, 6 Oktober 2016


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