Ok looks like memang tak sempat pun nak tulis all the things I intended to :(

It has been a week I balik semula ke rumah.
It has also been a long long long week of torture nak tulis memorial. You know I dah habis tulis and then suddenly keluar announcement that we need to submit an outline instead so sekarang I tengah berjuang to cut and cut my arguments and keep the whole memorial to 12 pages.

I'm tired and I can't wait to be free. At the same time I'm glad I have something to keep myself preoccupied sebab results keluar on the 1st and saya doa semoga saya dapat yang terbaik. Kalau ada yang baca doakan saya juga ye.

I will treat myself to buying my long-awaited-to-buy skincare products 1)vit C 2)hada labo oil cleanser once I'm done with my memorial.

I heard that female mooters often cry at some point in their first mooting competition and walaupun I tengah stressed out but I tak nangis lagi so mari kita lihat whether I will cry or not hahaha.

It's ok Iffah, you're nearly there.

Masa muda lah kita nak cari ilmu dan pengalaman banyak-banyak, kan?


Meja ruang tamu
Kepala Batas


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