Book review: Why Women are Accepting Islam

Alright this book has many many many issues.

1. Firstly, the title. I bought this book from dakwah corner bookstore online website so I didn't have the opportunity to flip through the book, so I could only anticipate the title to be reflective of its contents. Sadly, this book is one of those books which the contents aren't exactly what the title says. I had expected to finish the book knowing why women accepted Islam, like reason 1, and 2, and 3. But unfortunately I don't have the answers.

2. BUT you see, this book is a compilation of stories of the women who reverted to Islam. Hence, it is a compilation of stories written by different authors. So where the stories are good, I cried my eyes out. I felt like I have taken this nikmat of Iman and Islam for granted it made me feel so grateful that I'm a born Muslim, something I didn't think of before. I never did have to hide to pray. I never did have to lose my family because of Islam. All the stories here made me appreciate being a Muslim so much more.

3. BUT presentation-wise, I'm just so very disappointed. They included these headnotes that at some point summarised the stories so hollistically that by the time I read the stories, I had nothing to anticipate for. Not to mention some of them are kinda dull that deviated from the story of reverts. Again can't blame the editor because it's a compilation so the quality of each story much depends on the writer of each story.

4. Still annoyed by the headnotes. 

5. Would have been much better without the headnotes. 

6. I'm sorry but I can't get over how much the headnotes ruined the book for me. 

7. Editing should have focused more on the stories themselves to keep the stories in line with the purpose of the book. 

7.8. I think it would not do much harm if the book includes a section which critically analyses all these stories, pinpoint the reasons why women are accepting Islam, connect them to islamic fundamentals AND THEN ONLY (i think) such addition will the contents of the book comply with the title.
Sorry I'm all fussy and complaining. But I don't know how to rate this book. I'm just super confused. I had cried because I was touched yet i did put the book down out of frustration because it was just so unappealing and some parts are pointless. Hence, if I give a low rating, it will not do justice to the touching, insughtful and heart-rending stories. If I give a high rating, I don't think the book deserves it for so many reasons.

Just before I end this post with the rating, I would like to suggest a much better book if you are looking for one of the same kind, it is the From My Sisters' Lips written by Naima Roberts.

6.5/10 is all I can say. 1.5 awarded for the good parts.

Sorry for the messy write-up as always, 


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